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No annual membership fees, ever!
Play for real money and trophies!
Awesome player stats online!
Get a local and national ranking!
Proven anti-sandbagging system!
Qualify for the NAPA Nationals from your home town!


What is the NAPA Pool League?

North American Poolshooters Association is the hottest new league in town!  Pool players of all levels are enjoying the fun competitive atmosphere that sets us apart.  Whether you are brand new to pool leagues or a seasoned veteran of league play, you will find our scoring system is the easiest around, the handicap system can not be beat and our player statistics and recognition are unmatched.

So what is different about NAPA?

Scoring system - No more counting innings!  No more interrupting safety shots!  No counting balls!  Just keep track of wins and have fun!

Handicaps - Higher team handicaps allowed!  No more running up innings to manipulate handicaps!  No hidden formulas!  Just play to win!

Player Statistics - We have the best player statistics and recognition around bar none! Click on Players Stats and see for yourself!

Qualifying for Nationals - No more worrying about handicaps in counties!  Much easier to qualify for National Tournament!

 No Slop - Call your pocket league! No more slop shots.

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